Texas Braggin

Ol' Jim Cathey recites the poem "Texas Bragging."

Ol’ Jim Cathey recites the poem “Texas Braggin’” by Andy Hedges, a Lubbock Texas cowboy poet and songwriter. The poem depicts an old time Texas cowboy riding with some northern buckaroos that eventually get fed up with his never ending braggin’, and their futile attempt to stifle him.

For a a must see video of this recitation, see

“Texas Braggin’” by Andy Hedges, a Lubbock Texas cowboy poet and songwriter. 

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A Story With A Moral

Ol' Jim recites a story of a dead cow with the Moral that if you drink from a stream, don't go upstream to see what might be in the water.
Ol’ Jim appears to be clutching his gut in pain, but its only an act. Ol’ Jim not only recites poems, but acts them out.

While listen to Ol’ Jim’s recitation is a treat, for a full scope of entertainment, see Ol’ Jim Live or on video.

Ol’s Jim’s recitation and dramatic presentation of Waddie Mitchell’s poem, “A Story with A Moral” can be viewed here.  



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That Ragged Old Flag

The American flag waves across the camera lens while Ol' Jim recites Johnny Cash's poem, That Ragged Ol' Flag.

Ol’ Jim Cathey recites the Johnny Cash poem “That Ragged Old Flag” for the November 2011 Marlin/Falls County Veteran’s Day Ceremony at the Falls County Courthouse in Marlin, Texas.

The video shows Ol’ Jim’s recitation of the poem honoring the flag. It was a warm fall day with an occasional breeze that only slightly stirred the displayed flags. But at one point in the program, a gust of air swept the American Flag in front of the camera lens. For that moment in time the camera was focused on the flag as Ol’ Jim praised her and what she stands for.

“That Ragged Old Flag” by the late Johnny Cash

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Buffalo Gal

Photo of Janice VanCleave sitting at a typewriter in a field with a buffalo nearby.

Janice VanCleave Works With a Curious Buffalo Nearby.


 To Janice VanCleave:
Author of fun science books for kids…
You are a lady who never saw a
problem you would not  tackle!

Right in that field, she fixed her place.
…Please tell me it ain’t so!
‘Cuz there she was near face to face
with a shaggy buffalo.

There she sat quite prim and proper
an’ poised to strike her keys.
There jest warn’t no way to stop her,
tho, I ‘spect some were on their knees.

The buffalo was nonchalant
an’ stood there like a statue.
He entertained no plan to flaunt
his prowess nor his virtue.

So there he stood rock solid still
while she pecked at that keyboard.
This story would shore ‘nuff thrill
an’ be mightier than the sword.

As this epic drama unwound,
her hubby  wuz ever  alert,
makin’ shore her safety was sound
lest that big buffalo kicked  dirt.

As scene wuz posed ‘neath settin’ sun
an’ a  picture had been made,
was time to go, fer she wuz done
with this thrillin’ escapade.

So they eased toward the fence
an’ they carried all their stuff.
This wuz quite an experience,
but not so dad-burned tough.

An’ soon this picture would be sent
to the feller that did her books.
They’d gaze at it in amazement,
plumb thrilled at her awesome looks.

An’ I ‘spect the message got through
‘cuz the picture proved it wuz so.
Concentratin’ can be hard to do
when yore  facin’ a  buffalo!

Ol’ Jim Cathey

Jim Cathey  July  2011

This poem may not be reprinted or reposted
without the author’s  written permission.

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Jim whistles a tune as he ponders his cowboy days.

Photo courtesy of Jay B. Sauceda. www.jaybsauceda.com

Cowboy Poetry is an interesting segment of this ol’ country boy’s life, a talent that was dormant for years, and then awakened after I retired. It seems like I have always enjoyed being able to bring a story to life as an occasion called for it, but cowboy poetry waited for me to retire. I had listened to and enjoyed recordings by cowboy poets Baxter Black and Waddie Mitchell, but never dreamed of becoming a cowboy poet myself.

Then my ol’ brother-in-law, Dr. Damon Steven, asked me to read a couple of poems for a library fundraiser at a cowboy breakfast in Mabank, Texas. I decided to learn those poems so they could be recited. And that opened the spigot. I learned several poems and then decided to try my hand at writing, thus, this website and even a CD of poems that come from deep in the Heart of Texas: fond memories stirred by incidents from my youth and day dreamed imaginations of yesteryear, mostly based on truth… yet artfully manipulated to develop a feeling of nostalgia and fantasy.

More of Ol’ Jim’s Rambins’ and News about His Cowboy Poetry CD

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The Secret to Ol’ Jim’s Success

Stella and Jim pose for Memorial Day CelebrationDedicated to my
Young Bride Stella

I’m writtin’ cowboy poetry,
t’was jest the other day.
Thought to try to learn it,
to pass the time away.

More About Ol’ Jim’s Bride …

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